Dear Sir/Madam...

How frequently do I get correspondence that starts this way? Too frequently.

I can make allowances for the blog spam; well, for the salutation, but not the spam itself. But when someone writes to me, asking for help with their resume, I start to worry.

I'm thinking about some of my blog topics and although I talk about my home improvement projects and running, I also talk about my Chloe handbag obsession. I'm looking at my blog pic and wondering if I should worry about something. Should I book an appointment at the medi-spa? Spend more time on my eyebrows? Wear trampy lipstick?

Am I not talking enough about silly girl stuff? Ooooh, I love lip gloss. Boys are cute. Math is hard (that one is a joke....don't even get me started on how much that ticks me off). Mani/pedi, sale, fashion, facial, candle party, shoes, skirts, heels, makeup, Nordstrom, cupcakes, princesses, Twilight, Johnny Depp, nail polish, Oprah, What Not to Wear, Lifetime Television, Botox, Victoria's Secret, cosmopolitans, makeover shows, jewelry, flowers. Got it? GOT IT?!

I am a girl, dammit!