Just give me the damn cookies!

The Girl Scouts of America are updating their logo. Well the girls aren't, nor the scouts. Some design firm is (follow link to see the before and after).

It makes for an interesting article, with accompanying art. You can use it to play where's waldo just like I did. Because there's not much there there.

Is the logo recognizable? Yes. Is it still recognizable? Yes. Because it's practically the same logo. And/but here's the thing: ask most people what they know about the Girl Scouts and you will hear one thing, or a variation on a theme: give me the damn cookies! It's nice to have a logo that people can identify, but what I think you want is brand juju. I'm no marketer, but I know the power of juju.

Two major markets are essentially served:

1) Little girls who join or want to join the Girl Scouts. They probably don't care about the logo too much. But have you thought about changing the name? Because clearly "scouts" are perceived to be boys; therefore requiring the "girl" part. So yeah, we are defining these girlsĀ as they relate to boys. I'm not a huge feminist activist (or an activist at all), but I really don't go for defining girls and women only as they relate to the boys/men. Think I have issues? Ask the guy who called me "kiddo" at work when I was 25. He was around 30 and clearly not a wise soul. So anyway, if the Girl Scouts are looking to redefine WRT this audience, perhaps start with the name.

2) Then there are the cookie buyers. I'm not saying these are the only two stakeholder groups, just the biggest. And eating all those cookies don't help. You know what those cookie buyers know? The name of their favorite cookie and that they were $2.25 a box last year (that might be wrong on the price...I don't let those things in my house if I can help it).

Look, I don't doubt that this design firm does good work. The redesign was more than a little skew and stretch exercise; I get it. I am sure there's some design awesomeness to be found relative to what they were asked to do (maintain the integrity of the previous logo but update it). The part that I don't understand is WHY they were asked to do that. Seems like the GS org has some bigger brand issues around being old fashioned that may not be remedied by a logo change alone.

Here's my recommendation: change the name to "Awesome McSmartypantses of America" and change the logo to a big cookie. What?