Now this is where you have to get out of the binary thinking in your head

Computer Engineer Barbie is making me 1) love the intention and 2) hate the medium. But I 1) love that the kids are excited and am 2) throwing up a little bit. And also 1) this is not the 1950s and 2) can we stop idealizing what it means to be a woman (clearly from the perspective of someone who finds torpedoes and the lack of gender identity, you know...down there, acceptable). Oops, those last 2 kind of go together.

Anyway, I am totally cool with all of these conflicting feelings, especially if the result is that more girls get interested in computer science. I'd be even happier if Barbie was made to look like an actual woman, because being ashamed of your physical qualities isn't cool (and on this note, can we please take a little cue on this from Europe, please?). And I wish I never heard the soundtrack in her guts that said "math is hard". OK, Mattel, you get some points for undoing, but now what you gonna do?