Speaking of talking about salary...

Here's an article about an interesting report on salary disclosure in the workplace. And I call it interesting because it backs up what I have always said (yeah, I am like that); nothing good comes from sharing salary details in the workplace. It's kind of like eating Twinkies. You can't help yourself, but afterward you feel sick.

In a situation where salaries are made public, the high earners don't care and the low earners exhibit negative behavior (and feel bad). What the report didn't detail is the differential skillsets between workers. Maybe the higher earners had a specific skill that the low earners didn't. That might not be the case, but I think that the research can't really stand on its own without additional facts. But the point is made.

So where I fantasized about a salary negotiation scenario where everything was on the table, once inside the company I prefer more discretion. It's kind of like telling your S.O. how many people you slept with.  There's no number you can say that is going to help. It's much better to zip it.

(Tip: Manaster)