Stop being a social media idiot

I only say that because the whole "seven deadly sins" thing is a little tired. Nobody is dying due to the fact that they have pr oven that they are indeed not smarter than a fifth grader (Aha! Another lame pop-culture reference! In a run-on sentence, no less. Now it's your turn! Which is different than you're turn. But I digress. In parenthesis. which is totally wrong.). Seriously, those kids know how to use social media.

Incidentally, another tired thing on social media is the whole "t minus" thing. Who talks like that? Are you an actual astronaut or do you just play one on Facebook? And as soon as I share this post, I will start counting the seconds until I am un-friended by the astronautically inclined (sorry's just a small burr under my saddle. But for you, I shall ignore it. Horses are remarkably formal these days.

And...I have a point. It's that this list of social media blunders is well written and kind of funny, mostly in its familiarity. Creepy guy floating across some lame pick up lines? Check! People telling you to change your status update for a cause? Check! Invitations to events in other states? Check!

The article actually made me consider that my Twitter account has been neglected to the point that I am pretty sure it's going to drunk dial me.

Let's see how this goes. Twitter handle: notyoursugar

I know.