Dang, that was a looooong week...and here's the HTC Touch :)

Okay, so I'm finishing up TechEd 2007...what a show!  Each year it gets bigger and bigger.  It's great to see everyone (me included) scurry from place to place in search of hidden tech gems and undiscovered knowledge :)

I'll do a bigger post next week when I get back, but I just wanted to mention one piece if news this week that I believe is particularly noteworthy:

The announcement of the HTC Touch.

Now, it's kinda funny...Windows Mobile has had this technology for a long time (great touch screens), but the market has told us they want keyboarded devices.  Along come Apple and the iPhone, and everyone is clamoring for touch again.  It's just kinda funny to me.

At any rate, this device does look pretty cool.  I hope to get my hands on it VERY soon.  I have always liked the idea of a keyboard-less PPC PE (or rather, WM6 Pro without a keyboard) that came in a small form factor.  In fact, my fav device used to be the old PPC PE 2003 SE 'Magician'...I still have that thing (and I still think it's sweet).

This looks to up the ante on that in a similar small form factor.  Can't wait for it!  Gary Krakow over at MSNBC has already played with it, and gives it a very favorable first impression...click here to read it. 

Maybe this really points to the old saying, "the more things change, the more they stay the same"...with of course, more RAM, better processors, and cooler graphics :)

Have a great weekend everyone!