Enterprise Mobility: is it ready for Prime Time?

Okay, so obviously I already have an opinion, and it's very strong.  I believe from all of the evidence that I have witnessed first hand that enterprises are ready to start rolling out (and have been for several quarters) truly converged mobile devices (aka, Windows Mobile devices) that support business. 

The mechanism for this support started as email, but now the focus is on line of business applications (LOB).

If you read any analyst report on the subject over the last year, they'll all concur.  They differ with respect to the size of the market, or when the really BIG shift will happen (sometime between 2008 and 2010), but they all agree that LOB will drive mobile devices.

I just read a pretty good Forrester Report on this.  I've included the exec summary (which is published on the Forrester web site) below:

"Forrester broadly defines enterprise mobility as the ability for an enterprise to communicate with suppliers, partners, employees, assets, products, and customers irrespective of location. Mobility requires firms to build solutions that span devices, networks, and applications. After several fits and starts, mobility is gaining steam, consuming nearly one-third of North American and European enterprise telecom budgets today. Firms have embraced mobile email and plan to extend this capability to more employees within the organization. Advanced firms are moving line-of-business applications like inventory management and sales force automation to handhelds today. The greatest shift in the mobility market over the next three years will be the move to line-of-business and unified communications applications on handhelds to drive business process acceleration."

While I can't quote it without paying an arm and a leg, I can tell you that they also agree.  It's actually a pretty good read if you, like me, believe that these crazy devices will someday revolutionize how we interact with our work life.

So, I'd like to share a HUZZAH to all of us who are evangelizing out in the field.  People are listening to us, and the market is changing...one deal at a time :)