Hello World (again)

You may have noticed things have been quiet around here for a spell. I have been absorbed in a world of customer commitments, an incredible array of new technologies, and mostly.... just resisting the temptation to talk about things that were still in incubation periods.


There are some beautiful 6.5 devices out now. I absolutely LOVE my HD2. What an amazing device.


When we started this blog, I said that a blog was only as good at its content. With this in mind, I didn’t want to simply repost WM6 content that had already been done. I just feel like everything you could possibly want to do with WM6 is out there in the form of community content, samples, etc. Most of the posts I have pushed on WM6 were topics that had either not been done or were difficult to find in one place. Anything still MIA? Let me know.. I’ll try to post on it. Media Streaming is one tricky animal that I never got around to on WM6. I may go there…but, most of the excitement is around this new kid in town called WP7.


I'm pumped to talk more about Windows Phone 7. I’ve been playing the bits for awhile now and I like it… a lot. Granted, I have my wish list of things that didn’t make it in (yet), but I love the fact that we’re making some hard decisions about what it *will* do very well and what it will not do. That’s a big change from the WM world where we try to be everything to everyone.


Where to start? The developer portal and/or the man himself, Charles Petzold!


It’s time to start blogging again…I'm thinking I should start with a discussion of Enterprise LOB in relation to WP7. If you are LOB developer, you have probably been excited about WP7 to end up scratching your head about some obvious omissions. In the same respect, you may have noticed a major announcement yesterday about the Future of Enterprise Handheld Devices. What to make of this?


Stay Tuned…