Helpful links for Windows Mobile Developer newbies


To go along with Reed's post down below, a common question that we both get is simply:

Where do I start?

So, several months ago, Reed and I created this set of links that I affectionately call the 'Welcome to Windows Mobile Development'.  I have this in boiler plate, which you see below.

Now, most of you are probably already seasoned WM devs, but if you're not, or if you know folks who want to get into this but don't know where to start, than this is the post for you :)

MSDN is filled with vast amounts of developer content, but the sheer volume of information can make it tough to find what you need.  Most the information you need to get started is included in the Windows Mobile SDKs, however, we have put together a few tips and links below to streamline your search for additional mobile developer information.

The MSDN Windows Mobile developer portal is the best place to start for all your mobile development needs.  Here you will find links to all of our downloads, recent whitepapers, communities, training WebCasts & Tutorials and "How do I" videos—basically all things related to development on Windows Mobile.

Are you new to WM6?  Get a quick overview of what’s new in the platform here.

Before diving too deep into Windows Mobile development, be sure to take the time to review our security model as well as Mobile2Market to understand how this plays into your solution or architecture.  Spending a few minutes early in the development cycle to understand these concepts can save you a lot of time down the road.

Other quick places to find what you need:

· For starter kits, you can visit this link.

Some of the best developer tips come from sources outside of standard documented.  Be sure to visits the Windows Mobile team blog for deeper insight into how these technologies works.  The Windows Mobile Wiki is also a great resource for migrating old apps and finding useful FAQs.

If you are coming from alternate development platforms, you can also find information on MSDN target toward Palm and Symbian developers.

And also, for a complete line of business solution based on SQL Server Compact Edition using merge/rda replication look here and better yet -- the 2008 version showcasing ADO.NET Sync Services and lots of other new goodies.. No need to invent the wheel yourself...we give you full source with the sample.



(updated June 2008 by ReedR for hyperlink refresh)