Man, I love that Mouse...

Okay, so I was gone for a bit...but it was sweet!  If you guys have kids and haven't been to Disney Land for awhile, I HIGHLY recommend it (just do NOT go on the's a freakin' mad house down there).

Yup, that's me and my two little girls on the way out of California Adventure...we had a blast. 

But taking even 5 days off of work is kinda come back, and there is litterally a pile of work waiting for you. 

Hey, how many of you are going to TechEd next week?  If you're going to be there, you should definitely stop by the Windws Mobile 'booth' and come say 'hi.'  I'll be there pretty much all day and all evening most days, and would love the chat up.

So, here's to taking vacation, and the (unforunate) big old slide of coming back down to earth when you return :)


PS: as far as I know, Windows Mobile hasn't changed a bit in my week-long absence :)