My 10 Mobile Developer Tips

Over the years, I’ve delivered several “Top 10” sessions and called them different things. Top Snafus, Top Tips & Tricks, Things I Wish Every Developer Knew, etc. The idea was take my experiences helping mobile ISVs day-to-day and share them in a format to help Windows Mobile developers avoid problems speed up their development cycles.

Many of my blog topics this past year have centered on those experiences. This list changes all the time… “gotchas” come and go. Most of the time, they follow new technology releases until the development community builds up a solid base of knowledge and samples. For example, when 2003 Second Edition came, Orientation and DPI were huge. We spent months helping ISVs get through these changes and eventually the community built up a good stash of samples and whitepapers. There is so much information out there now—sample applications, How-To articles, Webcasts, etc… it’s not the massive hurdle it once was. It’s still a big one, but mobile developers know how to beat this one down (or at least know where to get the info to answer those questions).

So what would my “Top 10” list look like today? What 10 things would I like to share with every Windows Mobile developer? What would my book look like if I had 10 chapters to write?

1) Choose the right Mobile Architecture

2) Memory Differences you need to understand
Slaying the Virtual Memory Monster Part I and Part II

3) Security & Code Signing
A Security Primer for Windows Mobile Developers & When Good Signatures Go Bad Part I and Part II

4) Adapt Your Application
Check out the latest LOB Solution Accelerator for a good sample, but also start on MSDN and see our Webcasts

5) Emulators are a developer's best friend
Be looking for a post on this with all my favorite emulator tips and tricks. Our emulators rock! In the meantime download the latest images here

6) Installing Applications on Windows Mobile
See my post on Desktop Installations… and Application Deployment for Developers

7) Power Management & Implications for Apps
Be looking for a post on this one too. It would be hard top Mike C’s excellent posts on this topic though: 1 2 3 4 5 6

8) Performance & Persistent Storage (okay, I’m lumping these together but they share some valid ground together)
Performance Tuning is an art. Persistent storage can be an interesting factor in it. My recommended reading: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

9) Stay clear of Unsupported APIs (if you can)

10 ) The Windows Mobile Ecosystem for Developers
There are a lot of things to talk about here and I have to tread lightly to duck the legal hawks, but developers need to understand why some things are really hard at times. Yes, we’re Microsoft and you would think that we could just “do it”. It’s not that easy… we’re one part of a very complex ecosystem that results in a Mobile device coming to market and a comprehensive platform API for you to build on it. Here’s a warm up. I promise to tackle this one (ever so carefully very soon) with my developer/ISV hat on.

Have a great weekend,