Some IE Mobile Tidbits…

Short and sweet… there are a couple of tidbits that caught my eye this week related to developing with IE Mobile and the WebBrowser control.

If you are using the WebBrowser control and NETCF 3.5, you might want to check out the new hotfix and KB article just published here.

Raffaele Limosani wrote a comprehensive blog article on the issues.  Check out his blog.

On another note, if you are writing web apps for Windows Mobile, that late versions of IE Mobile do a pretty good job of rendering desktop content.  There were a few releases toward the end of WM5 and early releases of WM 6 that can be a challenge.  I blogged about those here.


If you are using ASP.NET to develop content to target WM browsers across the board, please be sure and check out this article that demonstrates how to add in support for IE6.  It may save you a lot of time trying to figure out why server control content is rendered differently on some of these devices.