Well, I finally did it!  I added Reed as an admin to the site AND I customized it to get the look and feel I wanted.

So, what is this blog all about?  Well, a little about everything Windows Mobile, and maybe even a tini-tiny bit of embedded stuff...plus a whole lot of 'stream of consciousness' stuff. 

If you're wondering who is who on the banner, Reed Robison is the one on the left, I (Steve Hegenderfer) am the one of the right. Loke Uei's wife did an awesome job making those for us, so here's a shout out!

I'm a 'jack of all trades' type in MCB, and Reed is the brains behind the brawn, so to speak.  Both of us are keenly interested in Windows Mobiles partners and aren't afraid to plug their wares up here if they let us have an eval :)

Seriously, we ARE very interested in what our partners are doing in the Windows Mobile space and do want to hear form you.

BTW, how many of you knew that Reed was a kickin' drummer (they're the freaky-crazy ones in the band)?  Yup, he is.  He SEEMS pretty level headed, but trust me, the man has a crazy streak :)

Also, I wanted to congratulate Mike Hall on his new promotion...to flippin' Software Architect!  I'm rubbing elbows with the REALLY smart folks now.

So, come here often.  I'll try to update several times a week...some of the posts will be directly related to Windows mobile, others may not be.  And Reed will be posting regularly as well.

Have a great weekend all (gets monkey off back from slacking on blog site)...