Want to take your UI to the next level?

Many of the developers at Mobile Incubation Week wanted to make sure their UIs were as cool as the ideas they represent.  You mean the standard NETCF controls aren’t sexy enough? <insert giggles here>


There are many alternative UI controls out there that can give your Windows Mobile application a facelift. Here are a few resources to get started.  Most of this has been posted before by other bloggers, so I’m just going to link their work (credit where credit is due).

Frank Prengel blogged about some alternative UI libraries you can use here.

Alex Yakhnin has been showing off some cool work in this area for some time.
UI Framework for .NET Compact Framework 3.5

Don’t forget AlphaMobileControls or Alphablending with NETCF

If you guys know of other cool control libraries, please… feel free to tag on to this post.  Just because your application is all business, doesn’t mean your UI has to be. =)