Welcome back from the Holidays :)

You know, it’s always this time of year I either feel refreshed from having a nice little vaca and enjoying the Christmas Season, or I feel like it’s a race to the end of the fiscal.  This year, it’s kinda both.

Things here at Microsoft are busy as ever.  In many respects, with SO MANY products shipping between the end of 2009 and the end of 2010 (calendar years), it really IS a race.  A race to get that feature implemented, a race to kick off a campaign in a region, a race to simply find time in your calendar to think.

But when I do get a chance to think, I often come across some very interesting things (both internally and externally).  This morning, I was perusing the wires at about 7am my time (don’t get me started; the days start earlier and earlier for me), I came across this piece in the NY Times.  It’s actually an interesting piece that made me think that maybe, maybe, all of the virtues that we espouse as great things that embody the internet age are actually sapping some of the creativity out of the system.

Well, that’s my deep thought.  Hope everyone is glad to be back at it…even though for many of us, it seems like we never left :)