Windows Mobile - alive and well in the mid-market!

Well, I am about to get on a plane back to cheery old Seattle (and by that, I mean typical rainy spring in the great Northwest).  I just finished up a nice trip to Orlando for the 2008 US Convergence show, and it was cool.

It was great to see and talk to so many customers and partners about the thriving ecosystem around MS Dynamics.  But it was equally as cool as talk to them about mobility.  No doubt about it, all of these folks wanted to know more about mobility and how they could take advantage of it.

We keep hearing about how the smartphone/converged device space will take off, but it's really nice to see it for yourself first-hand.  And we're only looking at the tip of the ice berg.  I have said this before, this space is exploding...we should all be happy to be a part of it!

On another note, I wanted to remind you all of some very coo ROI and TCO tools that we have available around Windows Mobile.  If you are a certified or Gold Microsoft Partner, you can get access to these tools here.

I expect that the presence of Windows Mobile at the Convergence shows will definitely increase over time, as will our penetration into small, medium, and large businesses.

On a totally unrelated note, I was walking through Downtown Disney (yes, it deserves it's own special name with capital letters, evidently) and saw this in the window of the Virgin Megastore display.  Yes, American Hair Metal!

Although I was unable to find the book in the actual store, I have since found the bugger on should be arriving in about 5-10 business days :)







PS:  Almost forgot...most of you, if you go to any of the trade shows where we have the WM booth, will recognize Erik Helgerson.  He's a big dude...but evidently, when he's not tramping around in his home state, he REALLY like the Minnie Mouse Princess stuff :)