Windows Mobile and the Market

Most of you have probably already seen this, but I think it's a great sign. WM sales went up 64% in Q1. This is nothing new to the folks who work here in Windows Mobile, but it is nice to see the media and analysts echoing what we've been saying.

It's a good read, but it's funny; I actually think that the numbers for Windows Mobile devices is low.  I don't mean that in a "the article is flawed" kind of way.  I mean that in a "this time next year, those numbers will look down right puny" sort of way.

Yes, I am bullish about the future of Windows Mobile, I work here :)

Here is a choice quote for the article:

"This strong growth was surprising because Windows Mobile 6 will launch in the second quarter, accompanied by the launch of many new and improved models," Gartner analyst Todd Kort said in a statement. "Normally, consumers and businesses have constrained their purchases when upgrades are imminent."

In other words, people are seeing the value of WM devices now with 5 and jumping on the bandwagon.  WM6 will see even more traction in the business world.  A great OS and compelling devices, plus the tools developers need to harness that platform.

If you all could see half of what I have seen on the horizon, I think you would all share my enthusiasm :)


PS:  did I tell you guys I needed more time down in Disney Land?  I do...