Second Attempt On Blogging

I have never been confused with Shakespeare, rather been known for my Finglish with car analogies. So, I am sure that you will encounter few of them if you read my posts. I think that one of my main reasons for this is that I have worked in support over 10 years. Most of the time, I have spent in the server world debugging various application. Microsoft or custom. Before joining the Microsoft support, I worked as a software developer and I truly enjoy it. So, over the years I have come up with various ways to either accomplish a task or just to prove a point that it can be done. Now, as getting older I don't seem to remember those things anymore as I used to; but if you ask when I change my last diaper. I can probably tell it to you to the minute.
But, I have also come to realizing the knowledge is power. Not as much the knowledge that you hold, but the knowledge that you can enpower others to be successful in their journey. I think that is the primary reason why I have decided to give this 'blogging' a second try. Maybe, the information this will save one persons time of going around and losing hair like I have.