Architecture considerations - 5 points to consider while you do architecture for your mission critical enterprise solutions for the cloud


Hello world !!! This is my first blog and am so excited to write about what I witnessed at the Architect Deep Dive with the GUru (Scott Guthrie, CVP, Microsoft)

Yesterday was a memorable day for Architects @Bangalore as we experienced the ScottGu Deepdive - a focused white boarding and Q&A with enterprise architects. I have tried my level best to replicate what was discussed in the one hour into a blog which will definitely be of great value.

So, the show started with bunch of videos on Internet of your things, Whats coming up on Azure, the 5 pillars of Cloud OS and slides in between and eventually with some interesting demos on Machine learning, Visual Studio Online and Geo Replication. Great to see things working and people clapping hands at the end of each and every demo.

Then there is a small wireside chat where some questions were asked and ScottGu responded which gave some insights on Cloud adoption in India and so on.

Let me come to the main subject, on 5 points to consider while you do architecture for your mission critical enterprise solutions for the cloud, those are

  • Repeatable Dev process

    • Mainly on the best practices of Devops - Automate wherever you can and create builds to avoid the repetition in your routine stuffs
  • Operational Analytics

    • Use this to improve your existing operations with the usage of tools to get more transparent information and planning. The Repeatable Dev processes or Devops and Operational insights go hand in hand and should be the 2 key points for your architecture on cloud.
  • Understand SLA impact

    • Understand the impact of 99.9 and 99.99 and how much time you can afford to go down on your services
  • Design assuming failure

    • Is all about fault tolerance and always assume failure when you design
  • Finally follow this Test, Simulate, measure

    for more information on Architecting on Cloud have a look at the videos here - - Architecture Blueprints - Top architecture trends and perspectives

How moving to cloud helps on the cost optimization - an interesting insight shared - about the car buying pattern of people in Australia. Any comments welcome on that and am glad to know more about it !!!

Stay tuned here for more interesting topics on Architecting on/for cloud !!!