NET FX 3.5 B2 Released! What's new in WPF?

Get it here!  The WPF team is very excited about this release because we've been able to follow-up on a handful of issues we heard from you so soon after the release of our V1 in NET FX 3.0.  Below, you'd find a quick summary of some of the work that you'll see in NET FX 3.5 B2 related to WPF in addition to general bug fixing; it's not all inclusive but it represents a pretty good chunk.

  • UIElement3D, a 3D element which supports UIElement-type of platform behavior including layout, databinding, and input.
  • Indic Script support in 14 different languages!
  • IDataErrorInfo support
  • Smoother Animations
  • Handful of performance fixes across the platform
  • More granular debugging spew control in databindings
  • Firefox Plug-in for XBAP's/ClickOnce apps
  • File extension support for ClickOnce applications. 
  • RichTextBox extensibility allows greater control of non-text content for allowing interactive, embedded elements like hyperlinks. 
  • Several IME fixes
  • TextSelection exposed on DocumentViewer FlowDocumentReader, FlowDocumentScollViewer & SinglePageViewer*.
  • WPF Support for the CLR AddIn model
  • And more!

*Correction on 10/23/07