Manual Uninstall using MSIZAP

Sometimes the VS component may not appear in the add/remove program list, but VS setup thinks it is installed. Below are some steps you could try to perform manual clean up if the uninstall fails either by using the uninstall tool or uninstalling through the add/remove program entries.

  1. Visit VS uninstall instructions at to get a list of components to be uninstalled.
  2. Download msiinv.exe from (You need to unzip it to get msiinv.exe).
  3. Run msiinv.exe on the targeted box and save the output into a text file. This output gives you the current installed products/components.
  4. Compare the output of msiinv.exe to the list of VS components that need to be uninstalled and identify what components are left behind.
  5. Download from (You need to unzip it to get msizap.exe) or get it from;en-us;290301
  6. Run msizap.exe for each product code to manually uninstall the components left on the box. Examples below
    • msizap.exe {D0FD5369-C4AC-4F9A-BB20-C8458F2EE5C2}
    • msizap.exe {085DF72B-2571-4099-8D3C-699E9E163C5F}
    • msizap.exe {BFDFE03F-B24E-422A-8AC0-BC51B6A128DE}