Search Engine Strategy Conf Day 2 - 12/6/2005

Session Notes

Session 1 - B2B Search Engines

This session has the B2B search engine representatives who shared briefly how they operate and their values compared to horizontal search engines.

Chris Sherman, Associate Editor,

Mark Cordover, CEO,

- Consumer pulls instead of push

- Marketing is undergoing a fundamental revolution

- Demo of

Jeff Coyle, Search Guru, KnowledgeStorm

- What impact does online content have on your vendor preferences and selections (89% say moderate to major impact)

You need a content strategy

      Online content is clearly used and appreciated by the tech researcher

KnowledgeStorm Model

      IT directory

                  Aggregated content from thousands of vendors

                  Over 2 million visits per month

                  Network of over 230 sites

Chris Hulse

VP Strategic Sales & Business Development

NBC vs. cable TV as Google vs. vertical search


Dan Savage, CEO,

Scott Virkler, Vice President, Business Development, GlobalSpec, Inc.

Good to find engineering specific detailed product catalog for industrial professionals and buyers

Erin Clift, Vertical Manager, Business & Industrial Markets, Google Inc.

- organize the world's information and make it accessible

- How does Google fit in the B2B?

Google is part of the eco-system when industry professionals and Buyers -> search engines, publishers, vendors’ sites, industry directories and search engines

Session 2 – Landing Page Testing & Tuning

This session looks at ways to test and tweak the landing pages to get that conversion. Getting someone to click on your search ad is only half the battle. Once visitors arrive, the landing pages you display to them are a crucial component in converting them into buyers.

I was so surprised to find out the test result when it comes of some content, arrangement of the web components.

Offermatica (hosted A/B testing and multivariate company)

Matthew Roche, CEO, Offermatica

Below are some interesting testing cases and results.

Owning the message click to close

Best: ad- Bid, word, offer, create

Best: Landing page

Test 1: Elements - free shipping

Test 1: Second Page Element

1. Free shipping (52%)

2. Ink text (2%)

3. Picture (46%)

Test 2:

Which Message was more appealing?

(38%) Indulge yourself

(62%) Hide from your kids

6% Text only

Tub (objects of desire)

45% Woman's face (indulge yourself)

17% Woman in towel (satisfy your dreams

Test 3: Elements

Call out popular searches

Key brands

33% Feedback+ shipping free

What is next?

Continuous champion

Investigate segments

Focus on key brands/items

Target to Ad group and keyword

Any idea is a test!

Category page

74% save $160

26% buy 2 or more and save an additional 10%

Category page optimization

14% Major Dickson’s blend- buy now

86% the world's Finest-browse blends

Lifestyle image/messaging

60% Promotion message


78% Cross selling on the cart

22% No cross selling on the cart

Call to Action

Strong call, soft slick instruction

Soft call, soft click

x strong call, strong click

strong call, soft click

New customer messaging

low price and easy credit

58% low price and promotion

What reinforced ad won?

Reinforcement - use your computer (better)

Reinforcement - internet fax service

hacker safe logo

54% Red

46% black

Session 3 – Google Print & The Copyright Debate

It was cancelled at the last min