VS 2005 Diagnostic and Uninstall Tool

We have VS 2005 uninstall tool here. This tool is to help automating the VS 2005 uninstall instructions here

We also plan to post a troubleshoot tool soon. Please stay tuned and check Aaron's blog or my blog. The diagnostic and uninstall tool offers the following feature.

1.       Automates VS2005 uninstall instructions here . This uninstalls all VS2005 Beta and CTPs.

2.       Auto diagnostic known issue (current 6 known issues are authored)

3.       Faster tool/application development using common search/diagnostic framework

Thanks to Andrey Zvyagilskiy, Aaron Stebner, Peter Giffin,  Bret Grinslade, Brian Moore, Samir Shergill and June Low who made this possible.


  1. Uninstall utility uninstalls all editions such as Express, Profession, Standard, Team system client (not server piece), SQL Express and WinFX (only Beta1) together.
  2. Don't run this tool on the machine where RTM SQL 2005 is installed as it will uninstall RTM SQL components shared between SQL Express and Enterprise edition.
  3. There is no plan to make diagnostic tool as an officially supported Microsoft tool at this point.