Add-ons to IE7

Following on my previous post on the availability of IE7 RC1, I ran across this site with a wealth of add-ons to IE7.   We have a rich set of 3rd party add-ons listed and we are committed to improving this resource over time, so check back periodically. Most users are familiar with toolbars, but many don't realize the breadth of the add-ons available for Internet Explorer.

For example, many of us have difficulty with spelling. Enter IESpell: the spell-checker for the web. It’s a free download for non-commercial use, and spell-checks any text typed into a form. IESpell will also look up word definitions and works with several language dictionaries. Right-click on any word in a page, and IESpell will get you the definition.

Another customized feature is navigation with mouse gestures. There is a well-put-together add-on (with source!) for Internet Explorer that adds mouse gestures to the browser frame. With this add-on you can go forward, back, and even open tabs depending on how you move the mouse. Mouse gestures are not for everyone – but for those who like it, the add-on makes for an even more personal browsing experience.

These add-ons are just two of the hundreds available for IE7. New add-ons are being submitted to every day. Have fun customizing your Internet experience!