DevConnections05 day 2

Greetings from Sin City!

The setup of the booth went smoothly, excepting that 3 of the lab machines' admin profiles were broken.

I have to ask about Charles Petzold though - what was your point? I mean, 2000+ developers in the ballroom and you rambled about 1985 and how standardization of the development environment has led us to today. Umm, yeah? I've read Charles' writings since back in the '80s when he wrote a column for PC Magazine. Not that I remember much about those early columns, but still. Here we are in 2005 and you didn't make much of a point after talking for 30 minutes on Windows 1.0/DesqView/TopView.

The Hands-on Labs are hopping, though we experienced a severe tidal action of attendees where they'll all come in because they're between sessions, then they'll all go away at the same time because a new session is starting. Quite the difference from the shows I'm used to (TechEd) which are quite a bit larger and targeted at a different audience (IT pros, implementers, management)

More later!