Hardware just keeps getting cheaper and more powerful

Sometimes I feel sorry for those electrical engineering grads who are constantly racing to develop the next new thing.
But then I remember that I am a Microbiology/Molecular Biology double-degree who had to scratch and claw his way to decent grades against all the pre-meds, pre-comp. sci and pre-bioengineers. It took me 5 years, but I did get two pieces of paper for my wall.

Computer Geeks has the Averatec C3500 Tablet, which was new only last November (a short 6 months ago), for only $799 with Secret Savings Code "GEEKTABLET2" (exp 6/10/05). Wow! This is a decent, mid-range machine.

From $1399 MSRP to liquidation at $799. The market rolls on ever faster for hardware OEMs.