PDC 05 and Tablet

Enough with that awful Vista Beta 1 news - when will Hilton talk about developing on/for Tablets?

Well, I haven't written about my feeble attempts at writing C# or VB.net code yet. I'll save that exquisite torture for another day. A day far, far away. Besides, being professional developers, you all read Raymond's blog for coding issues. But Raymond doesn't talk about Tablet!

Tablet will have a presence at the PDC. I don't know the size of it because I'm not going (boohoo). I have been told, we need some nominations for Birds of a Feather sessions. I guess we don't have the buzz at PDC around Tablets that we'd like to have, even though we know there are lots of you out there using and working on Tablets. A good percentage of you will probably bring your Tablets to PDC.

So please, send in your ideas/nominations for Tablet-related BoF sessions. Help your fellow developers write interesting, useful apps for Tablets. Help them find new uses for Tablets. Share some 'business justifications' to buy Tablets that worked on your manager.  Or Microsoft just might have to send me out there into the wild with my feeble^H^H^H^H^H^H m4d C# skillz.

using Microsoft.Ink;
myInkCollector = new InkCollector(this.Handle);