Thank you for attending TechEd06 in Boston!

Just wanted to post a thank-you to all of you who came out to see me and the rest of the Tablet/Mobile PC gang at TechEd06 in Boston.

Some of the more interesting questions and comments revolved around the idea of "Now that we have these Tablet PC things, how do we manage them?" Well, the first stop you want to make is the Mobile PC Developer Center.

We didn't get a lot of code questions, not that we ever do, since TechEd is mainly an IT Pro conference. But still, we had a number of attendees remark on just how easy it is to integrate ink into new and existing apps.

Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs) were all the rage at the booth this year. Many of you had simply not even seen a UMPC in person. Others of you wondered how anyone would incorporate UMPCs into your enterprise. Well rest assured, we don't think you should have to take up every technology Microsoft offers, just the ones that will make your enterprise and your users, more productive. Do more with more! Keep in mind that the UMPC is at its heart, a consumer-grade device. It's meant to be a go-anywhere, companion PC, not a replacement for your Blueberry, or your Palmspring, or smartphone running Windows Mobile 5.0.

And I'm very pleased by your interest at my talks and demos on Touch UI, InkAnalysis and Ink on Windows Presentation Foundation. Windows Vista is bringing powerful new technologies that make Tablets the must-have Mobile PC for Vista.

It really is this easy to develop a great-looking ink-enabled WPF app.

See you next at the July 5th Expert Zone chat (it's not listed, so consider this date tentative).

Oh, and btw, if you happen to see the moniker "Mobile and Tailored PC Division" - it's our new name. Personally, I don't like it, but perhaps it will grow on me?