Q&A: What do capacity percentage and throughput percentage do?

--- Excerpted from Jetstress CHM help documentation ---


There are options to size the test databases using the percentage of the maximum storage capacity, and target I/O throughput (IOPS) by the percentage of the maximum throughput capacity of the disk subsystem.


Jetstress reserves 25% of the initial database file size for its future growth during test runs. For example, if you decide to size database 100% of the storage capacity of 100 GB, Jetstress creates initial databases of 80 GB and reserves 25% of 80 GB (20 GB) for the database file growth.


--- Here is an example of a main success scenario ---

If you choose 100% storage capacity for 100 GB LUN, the initial database size will be 80 GB and the reserved space for the database file growth will be 20 GB (which is 25% of the initial database file size).

If you choose 80% throughput percentage, in the first tuning phase, Jetstress determines the maximum throughput, for say 2000 IOPS, and in the second tuning phase, it determines the database transaction cycle rate/interval for 1600 IOPS (which is 80% of 2000 IOPS), and then, if the tuning phases got succeeded, it will sustain the disk sub-system at 1600 IOPS for the test duration, for say 2 hours (default).