Just returning from ISWC2017


I'm on my way back from ISWC2017 (the International Symposium on Wearable Computing) and it's been great! This year marks ISWC's 20th anniversary. The web page of the first conference can now only be found on the wayback machine: ISWC '97

This year, I was organizing the industry session at ISWC and Ubicomp and we had great talks of people from industry that don't get to talk to the academic world that often. Including myself...

  • Activity Recognition at Google: Building and Deploying for a Billion Android Devices
    • Jennifer Wang, Google
  • Embracing Human Individuality in Wearable Computing Design
    • Matthew Bailey, Stefan Alexander, Thalmic Labs
  • Gepetto's workshop - Designing and Creating for Humans
    • Bruce Bradtmiller, AnthroTech, Diane Elabidi, Google
  • Optical architecture of HoloLens MR headset and hardware challenges for mass adoption
    • Bernard Kress, Microsoft
  • Digital Reality with Microsoft devices and Mixed Reality platform
    • Christian Waha, Industrial Holographics
  • Design of a wearable device for professional applications
    • Holger Kenn, Microsoft

I'm planning to have their presentations up in a few days, either here or on a separate website.

For information on the conferences, go to the Ubicomp and ISWC websites.