Changing the "Branding" for one of your demo mPOS stores

Hi Everyone,

I recently had to do a demo where I needed to show cross-store capabilities of the mPOS. For example, order in store A but pickup in store B. I was also asked to do some cross-store returns (buy in store A, return in store B). While preparing for my demo, I realized that we only have one demo mPOS store set up for each "brand" of the 3 brands that we use in our demo data (Contoso (Boston), Adventureworks (Seattle), Fabrikam (Houston)).

Since my demo was aligned to Fashion, I wanted to create a second "Fabrikam" store. While I could have setup a new Retail channel and built it all from scratch, it made more sense and appeared to be more efficient to modify an existing store. I decided that I wanted to change the Seattle store from being Adventureworks themed and assorted to now being a Fabrikam store. There were a lot of steps I went through to get this done, so I wanted to share this with others to hopefully help others out in the future with this so you won't have to go through as much trial and error as I did to get it all working! Below are the steps with pictures to help you out. Please help me to improve this posting and my other blogs by adding comments if you have any feedback!!

As you will note, the Seattle Store mPOS looks like this in our demo data:


Here is a step by step on how to change the above so that it is a Fabrikam store with Fabrikam products/catalogs, etc....


       1. Go to the Seattle retail channel and change the navigation hierarchy and publish

    • USRT/Retail/Common/Retail channels/Retail stores
    • From Set Up tab, go into Store Product Attributes Form

    • Edit and change Category Hierarchy from “Adventureworks” to “Fashion”

    • Click “Publish Channel Updates” from this form

2. Publish the Channel from the Retail Stores form


3. Go to assortments and add Seattle to Fashion assortments you are using for your demo, remember to Publish the assortment.



4. Run the "Process Assortments" job from the Periodic menu


     5. Go into the published catalogs for Houston (in demo data these are the Dress sale and the Men’s Suits sale catalogs), Edit these catalogs, add Seattle channel, republish (remember to run workflow to completely process and republish catalog).


   Note when publishing the catalog I chose to change the selection to “all products” instead of just products that have changed – not sure if this matters, but it worked well for me

6. If you have set up any special promotions or price, make sure the Seattle store is included in your price groups as well for consistency of pricing between Houston and Seattle. This is done in various forms such as the trade agreements form, the mix and match or discounts form, etc...

 7. Note that in the demo data, worker 000154 is tied to a Visual Display for the AdventureWorks store – if you plan to use this worker, make sure to remove or change this so that the Fabrikam layout is used. Do this for any other Workers to ensure the right mPOS screens display.


8. Change the Visual Profile of Seattle-3 Register to a Fabrikam mPOS – if you don’t do this, your logon screen and backgrounds on the mPOS will still shows “Adventureworks” images:


9. Go to Data Group and run 1070, 1040, 1050, 1060, 1090. If you needed to update any pricing, also remember to run 1020. Note that it is VERY important you run the 1070 job against the data group and not the individual channels or from the normal distribution jobs form. Due to the mPOS needing information from the HoustonDB in order to activate a new mPOS, it is always best to run jobs from here to ensure not just the delta data is sent. There is a known issue where the retail channel publishing data is not getting updated properly for 1070 unless you run a full-sync from this channel data group form. The other jobs you could run from the standard distribution jobs form if desired....


You should be set from the AX side, now you must activate or logon to the mPOS with your mPOS that is linked to the Seattle register or activate a new mPOS for Seattle-3 (or whatever Seattle register you have created for mPOS – Seattle-3 is already in the demo data).

10. Open mPOS application and reset it


11. From “Devices” form in AX, make sure to set Seattle-3 back to Pending status:

 12. Re-activate your mPOS for the Seattle-3 register

 Your Seattle store should now look like a Fabrikam Store!