Theory of Relativity

A few Weeks ago my roomate Nick and I had a minor disagreement over the fact that I recently purchased Jim Miller's new book (The Common Language Infrastructure Annotated Standard) which I was reading in my spare time. This disagreement gained notoriety through a weblog post he made. Since then an e-mail thread on the subject produced this diagram and the following explanation of it.

Let me put this to rest (Hopefully). Dorky is defined as someone who plays games or is involved in activities that others would consider, well, dorky. In the spectrum, dorky, is closer to dweeby than nerdy. Example of dorky things – Yugio, Pokemon, D&D, MAGIC.

In other words, Nick, you are more dorky.

Now when it comes to NERDY, Hoop takes the cake. Nerdy is someone who gets a rise out of technical information, enough to read it in his spare time, enough for it to take priority over activities which non-nerdy people would constitute as fun.

Hoop, you are a nerd, and be proud of it.

Nick, you are a dork, and be proud of it.

-Warrick McDowell

I see myself on covering this region of the chart:

Now if starting a blog to talk about my work and the amazing technology I get to be a part of creating makes me even more of a nerd then a nerd I am. I admit I get all geeky and sometimes my own co-workers raise their eyebrows at me but hey can I help it if technology makes me all warm and fuzzy inside? I'm a nerd and I shall be till the day that I die but now the question is, where does Nick fal on the chart? And if he ever gets his wish of becoming a level 3 Magic judge will that shift him in any way? (No offense to the game of Magic but when it takes my roomate away from me almost every weekend to judge a tournament I have the right to feel bitter)

Note: It goes without saying that our friend Rome(Warrick McDowell) and his co-worker Dan are smacks for taking the time to come up with this diagram. Our friend Sarita gets the title of geek for spending time researching this issue and for using the word Etymology in her comment