Using Watson to "Cut the Cord" - part III

From guest contributor Joe Broxson:

In a previous blog, the Hopper Doctor wrote about "cutting the cord" and relying on Dr Watson to capture application dumps. This is a great idea, but one of the problems you may encounter is that hopper can disable capturing dumps in the Settings menu. 

To avoid this, simply create a registry entry on each device that will effectively hide the 'Error Reporting' menu item and Hopper won't be able to find it. You can couple this entry with the previous blog entries that locate the Watson dump files to your storage card for a rock solid way of catching exception information on retail devices. To hide the menu item, add the following key and value:

Smartphone: HKEY_Local_Machine\ControlPanel\Error Reporting\HideCPL=DWORD:1


HKEY_Local_Machine\ControlPanel\Error Reporting\Redirect=""