Welcome app got you down? -- stuck in the Cut Paste demo screen.

Problem: Hopper gets stuck in Welcome.exe at the Cut & Paste demo screen and cannot continue.

Applies To: PPC & PPC PE devices only.

Description: There is no mechanism to prevent Hopper from launching File Explorer on your PPC device. Once launched, it is very possible Hopper will find and launch Welcome.exe and will become stuck in the Cut & Paste demo screen. Hopper currently does not have the ability to perform the demo and will eventually exit with error. These are easy to diagnose since the last screen bitmap displays the Cut & Paste screen and you device is likely still in this state.

Solution: Simply create a zero length file (or any file) named Welcome.not in the root filesystem of the device before starting Hopper. Please make sure to recreate this file each time you cold boot your device.