Dec. 8 - Dec. 14 Hot-Fix Weekly Release - Windows Client

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This is Cristy. According to your comments, we will post the list and categorize the articles in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Internet Explorer for Windows Client product. Hope this kind of post can save your time and make the content clearly.

There are 17 KB articles that have been released for Windows Client products. Windows XP/3, Windows Vista/8 and Internet Explorer/6. Now, let's review the problems that have been fixed.

Windows XP

  • 945342 The "Serial number" attribute of a certificate may be a negative value when you create a self-signed certificate in Windows XP
  • 944781 When you use a drag-and-drop operation to move or to copy an Outlook e-mail message on a Windows XP SP2-based computer, the operation fails without any notification
  • 884882 A Windows XP-based computer stops responding when you try to shut down the computer

Windows Vista

  • 945577 Windows Vista that is using an external USB camera device may restart unexpectedly with a 0x000000E4 or 0x0000000A Stop error after the Windows Vista operating system resumes from long suspend time
  • 945533 When you try to shut down a Windows Vista-based computer on which a Bluetooth device is installed, the computer stops responding
  • 944515 An application returns incorrect values for the conversion mode and for the sentence mode of an Input Method Editor (IME) on a Windows Vista-based computer
  • 943974 The "chkdsk /r" command and the "chkdsk /f" command take a long time to run on a Windows Vista-based computer
  • 943302 December 2007 Windows Vista Application Compatibility Update
  • 943242 MIDI notes are played in the wrong order when you perform a capture operation on a MIDI audio device in Windows Vista
  • 942392 On a Windows Vista-based computer, you cannot access certain directories on a Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) server
  • 939214 You cannot use the Connection Manager tool to update the phone book on a Windows Vista-based computer

Internet Explorer

  • 945007 An Internet Explorer Automatic Component Activation (IE ACA) update is available to disable the "Click to activate" behavior
  • 944435 Internet Explorer 6 may crash under certain circumstances, such as when you open and close a Web page modal dialog box several times
  • 943141 Some customized security settings for the Trusted sites zone in Internet Explorer 7 are reset to the default values on a Windows Vista-based computer
  • 942202 After you install and uninstall some toolbar items in Internet Explorer 6, toolbar names may become blank, or unrelated toolbar items may appear
  • 941938 After you use the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard to remove the default elements of some features in Internet Explorer 7, these elements still exist in Internet Explorer 7
  • 939944 The text size setting that you specify is not applied to all Internet Explorer 7 windows that you open on a Windows Vista-based computer

Next, I will select some special cases to share with you. Hope this post can help you.

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