FAQ of Exchange Online transition(BPOS to Office365)

FAQ of Exchange Online transition

Hey Guys, here are some questions you may have when in transition. If you have more to ask, please feel free to leave comments.

Q1: When will you contact us to choose the time frame for transition?

Answer : The upgrade is available now. This date represents the period when Microsoft will be able to transition most BPOS customers. Microsoft will contact you 60 to 90 days prior to a proposed transition date. You can accept the date or request a new one based on your convenience.

Kindly visit the transition center at http://www.microsoft.com/online/transition-center.aspx  for the latest information regarding our transition plans.

Q2: Do we need to reconfigure outlook ourselves? Should we install some software for O365?

Answer : You will have to prepare the client user settings according to the Office 365 requirement as documented in http://www.microsoft.com/online/transition-center.aspx

The transition center has the detailed information about how to get ready for Office 365 from the end user point of view.


Q3: Do we have to change any DNS or MX records for the transition?

Answer : You don't have to make any changes to the MX records.


Q4: During the transition period, are we able to connect both old BPOS and new Office 365? So, we could take 1 week to transit the setting of user PCs?

Answer : You will not be able to connect to the BPOS portal and you will be using the Office 365 portal. The detailed instructions would be provided to you when you schedule your transition date with Microsoft.

Q5: During the transition period, email box in both old OPOS and new Office 365 would receive the email to prevent data loss, right?

Answer : The transition will be done by the Microsoft Operations team and it will be seamless since you won’t experience any data loss.

Q6: Besides migrating our email account and email box data, will you also migrate our conference room booking records? We have already done the booking 1 year in advance

Answer : Yes, it will migrate all the meeting entries.

Q7: in BPOS, our current setting for some email account are "password never expired". These users could only have POP3 access but not internet. So, they could not be able to change password regularly. Would this support be available in Office 365, too?

Answer : Yes. These settings remain same even in Office 365

Some useful information about transition:

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