Quick Setup of Office365

Quick Setup of Office365


The rough process to fast set up the organization is as follows.


  1. Access Microsoft Online Portal and change your account password at first logon. (That account should end with onmicrosoft.com)
  2. Add your domain to use Office 365 after verified.
  3. Upload/Create users to Office 365 Portal.
  4. Create Distribution Group (DG) through Exchange Online Exchange Control Panel. (Optional)
  5. Migration your mail data by IMAP/Exchange MAPI protocol to the cloud by Connected Accounts. (Optional)
  6. Change domain’s Name Server (NS) or MX record after mail migration is done. You will able to receive mail from remote recipient once the update records are propagate to each global DNS servers.
  7. Configure E-Mail service to your mobile phone. (Optional)
  8. Install and configure Lync Online client (IM).


To learn it more, find the detailed information below.


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