Notification Services has died… Welcome, SQL Server 2008 R2 – Complex Event Processing (CEP) Technology!

I was one of the people who loved SQL Server Notification Services (SSNS) since its inception as a download for SQL Server 2000. Some of my own customers have pushed it far beyond what it was designed to do, however, and I had to tell them not to use SSNS for those particular scenarios. All such attempts went invain, though, as my customers had only another option: Buy an expensive alternative.

With the release of SQL Server 2008, I had to tell my customers one more bad news: SQL Server Notification Services are not supported any longer. As long as I had no alternative, I always kept shy of telling my customers about this. I was happy when Microsoft announced that there are plans to move SSNS functionality into a new technology. Here it is. Complex Event Processing using SQL Server StreamInsight and its underlying .Net Complex Event Processing Engine. What a relief for me and for one of my favourite customers who uses SSNS a lot.


SQL Server 2008 R2 – Complex Event Processing (CEP) Technology