Visual Studio 2010 compatibility with Visual Studio 2012 for web performance and load testing

See the MSDN article I wrote for further details: Upgrading Web Performance and Load Tests from Visual Studio 2010.

  • Web and load test project template: In Visual Studio 2012, we now have more than one test project template. In order to create new web performance or load tests, you must use the new Web Performance and Load Test project template. However, any test projects you created in Visual Studio 2010 should still work correctly. For more information, see Upgrading Tests from Earlier Versions of Visual Studio.


  • Running tests in Visual Studio 2012: Visual Studio 2012 no longer includes the Test View window. To run your web performance and load tests, you must now do so from either the LOAD TEST menu. To run your coded web performance tests, you must use the shortcut menu in the code editor and choose Run Coded Web Test.


  • SQL Server 2012 versions: To use load tests, you can use SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB which is installed with Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate and is the default database server for load tests (including Microsoft Excel integration). If you upgrade from Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and SQL Server Express is detected with an existing load test database, Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate will try to connect to and use it. Additionally, if SQL Server Express is detected, Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate will try to create the load test database using SQL Server Express instead of SQL Server Express LocalDB.