Web Performance and Load Testing SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Applications

I've written a new MSDN article on using web performance and load tests with SharePoint applications: Web Performance and Load Testing SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Applications.


Web performance tests can be recorded and then run and analyzed against your SharePoint applications. For example, you can create web performance tests that conduct the following operations on your SharePoint application:

SharePoint 2010                

  • Site rendering

  • Document library operations

  • Task, calendar and library operations

  • Search content

  • Wikis

  • Customized web parts

  • Workflows

  • Multiple operations from the ribbon

  • Playing the tests against multiple sites and lists

  • Office Web Applications (OWA) – Uploaded and downloaded scenarios [Visual Studio 2012.2]

  • Manage Metadata SA and look up columns in the lists and libraries [Visual Studio 2012.2]

  • Integration of SharePoint and Excel Services [Visual Studio 2012.2]

  • For InfoPath – you can use the plug-in (tool) from CodePlex [Visual Studio 2012.2]

SharePoint 2013 (Requires [Visual Studio 2012.2])

  • All the scenarios listed above for SharePoint 2010

  • Social

  • SharePoint Apps