Got a powerful GPU? Run my World Wide Telescope 3D Seismic Simulation Tour


For the last two years, I’ve been using my 6 core 3.3 ghz Intel Nehalem X 980 processor courtesy of Intel (thank you!), it slices through just about any workload like butter, for example, encoding a 1 hour live meeting video takes a few minutes, while my Core 2 duo laptop could take at least an hour. The truth is that, in some cases, it was even more versatile and speedy than my 8 core x 8 blade CRAY cluster (a picture below) that you saw in the previous blog. Last month, the thought of “this machine is slow” came across my mind when I was trying to run the World Wide Telescope program visualizing a very large seismic simulation that we did the numerical simulation on the HPC cluster. Finally, I realized that the bottle neck very much could be the aging GPU. My new GPU, a mid-range nVidia Quadro 4000 (see below) made a big difference.

To run the tour,

    • Install WorldWide Telescope   Install WWT itself.
    • Download the Tour file below, and double click.

I have also posted a video of the tour at:

The actual Tour file download and back up link.

 cx1_photo 41kRVcQHmEL__SL500_AA300_