Super computing is crucial for science in the 21st century.  For a long time people have been theorists or experimentalists, those have worked in synergy to develop scientific theory and explain natural phenomenon.  The incredible development of super computer in recent years has enabled theory validation, and new kinds of experiments that were not possible due to prohibitive costs.  Rising as the 3rd modality of science along with theory and experimentalist, super computing is becoming integral part of scientific research and development.

Traditionally, super computing has also been utilized by industry sectors like automotive engineering, aerospace, oil gas for years.  Now, it is starting to help pharmaceutical and even financial service companies to become economically more competitive.  

After spending the last 10 years working with, and supporting physicists and psychologists, I've realized that even some of our best scientists are struggling with technologies on a daily basis.  Today's computers are becoming  not just powerful, but also infinitely more complex.  In the 1970s, all a scientist has to do was to put a few holes in a stack of cards. ;)  Now, they better know about grid computing services, 30 different numerical libraries, Intel SSE4 instruction set, compiler flags on various compilers, and job submission systems to 10 different super computers.  In addition, they should keep up with the best practices for how to write their code conforming the latest design patterns with NO bugs.  Oh, let's not forget about administrating, upgrading their computer clusters, and be on the look out for hackers.  By the time a scientist has done all these, his NSF report is due, and he hasn't done any science! 

If our nation's super hero scientists can not deal with existing HPC solutions, why would a financial analyst at a bank be expected to do super computing.  They are having a hard time dealing with their excel spreadsheets!

This blog is dedicated to enabling ordinary businesses to survive the latest in super computing and stay competitive with Microsoft's latest innovation, version 2 of High performance computing solution that will be released later this year.  Microsoft windows HPC solution will dramatically slash the total cost of ownership for businesses and science institutions alike by providing state of the art development tools and user friendly administration solution.

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