Windows HPC Server 2008R2 Beta1 Channel 9 Videos

At SC09 Microsoft Introduced Windows HPC Server 2008R2 Beta1.  Channel 9 videos for Beta1 features videos are now live on the Channel 9 HPC Show.  It covers Excel [Chris Crall], Scheduler features[Chris Crall], SOA[Ming Xu and Yiding], Performance[Eric Lantz], Diskless Nodes[Greg Teather], Diagnostics[Rae Wang], Monitoring Large Scale Systems[Cathy Palmer] and MPI Debugger[Daniel Moth] .   I also included the introduction video by our HPC Group Program Manager Alex Sutton.

If you prefer reading, here’s a great overview of HPCS 2008R2 features.

Windows HPC Server R2 Beta
Technical Overview


Introducing Windows HPC Server 2008R2 Beta1  (webcast)

Windows HPCS 2008R2 Beta1:Excel on the Cluster

Windows HPCS 2008R2 Beta1:Scheduler Features

Windows HPCS 2008R2 Beta1: HPC Service Oriented Programming Model

Windows HPCS 2008R2 Beta1: Performance Analysis and Diagnostics

Windows HPCS 2008R2 Beta1: Deploying Diskless Compute Notes

Windows HPCS 2008R2 Beta1:Diagnostics

Windows HPCS 2008R2 Beta1: Monitoring Large Scale Systems

MPI Cluster Debugger Visual Studio 2010 Launch Integration

I would like to encourage you to try out the product.

Download Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 Community Technical Preview

Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 Beta