Windows Based Hosting Fail-Over implementation

>> The question is, “WBH solution guarantees Fail-Over implementation?”
Of course, under the condition that they configure two web servers, two DB servers.

There are SQL01, SQL01_Failover, WEB01, WEB01_Failover servers in shared hosting environment. (active – active)

If WEB01 server fails, WEB01_Failover server provides the service. (It could occurs performance issue, but there is no service stop)
I mean, can we implement cluster environment in WBH?

>> Answer

1) Yes you could implement this using Windows Clustering (there is no documentation
form the Solution Team but loads of docs from IIS and SQL) but I would rather use
Load balanced frontend Servers and clustered Backend SQL and File Servers to
eliminate every single point of failure.

    Depending on what kind of Web service the customer wants to provide Windows
Sharepoint Services in Host Header Mode (as prescribed in the WBH Solution)
might also be an option.

2) It would be worth using a hardware load-balancer to do the routing and fail-over. Cisco have
a good load-balancer.


heck out SQL’s clustering capabilities for active/active SQL