Windows Based Hosting Version 3.5 (Fundamental)

Fundamental Components

1. Centralized Management (Active Directory)
     - Although centralized management is not a required component of a hosting solution, it 
        nevertheless provides essential services for manageability, scale, and capacity.
        All of the hosting scenarios discussed in the solution benefit from a centrally managed 
        platform build around Active Directory

     - Domain Controllers
        . We now have multiple Domain Controllers (through Replication)
       1) Domains
       2) Trees
       3) Forests
       4) Organizational Units

    - Sites : A set of well-connected IP subnets
       . Usage : Locationg Servides, Replication, Group Policy Application
       . Sites are connected with Site Links

    - Global Catalog
       . Partial Replica of all Objects in the Forest
       . Configurable subset of Attributes
       . Fast Forest-wide searches
       . Required at Logon for Universal Group Membership

   - First Domain Controller (AD01) :
      * IP Address :
         Subnet Mask :
         DNS Server :

   Before install Second Domain Controller, make sure that you install DNS.
   - Second Domain Controller (AD02)
      * IP Address :
         Subnet Mask : (Must be identical First, Second Domain Controller)
         DNS Server : (Must be identical with First Domain Controller)

   - Validation test
      . To validate that your domain controller is working as specified, run Dcdiag from a
        command prompt. Dcdiag was installed as a part of the Windows Server 2003 Support

2. Service Provisioning (Microsoft Provisioning Service) (MPS01)
    MPS01 server will be a member of domain
   - MPF(Microsoft Provisioning Framework)
   - Install IIS
   - MPS Database Server (Use the same server with MPS)
      . MSSQL 2005 Standard Edition (SQL2000 SP3 recommended)
        * Error occured while provisioning tool deployment with SQL2005
           So, I installed SQL2000 SP3 again. It works well.

   - Deployng MPS
      . Very complicated Step. Don't force verify the button on Deployment Tool.