Zend ships Windows-ready PHP

This is very strong message to hosting company.
Traditional combination is WIMA(Windows+IIS+MSSQL/MySQL+ASP.NET) or LAMP(Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP).
However, parity seen between PHP apps deployment on Linux and Microsoft platform.
Windows + IIS + MySQL + PHP (WIMP) must be a great combination for Linux hosters.
It means that Windows platform can handle for ASP.NET, and PHP. What's a cool story, isn't it?

you can read full articles at here: http://www.infoworld.com/article/07/03/05/HNzendphp_1.html

First detailed in October, with a beta program having begun last month, Zend Core 2.0 offers enhanced Windows performance.
Applications will run two to three times faster on Windows with this version of Zend Core, Mark de Visser, Zend chief marketing officer, said.

Zend calls itself "the PHP company" and has built its business around the scripting language. PHP is being used in virtually all modern Web sites, de Visser said.
"The reason is because for all these types of highly interactive Web sites, there is nothing like PHP," in terms of productivity and the ability to find PHP developers, he said.

Version 2.0 of Zend Core is intended to provide a unified front for Windows by enabling developers to both build and then deploy their PHP applications on Windows platforms. Oftentimes, developers have written the applications on Windows but then ran them on Linux. Now, Zend's PHP will run equally well on either Windows or Linux, said de Visser.