Movin' Out

(With apologies to Billy Joel.)

This is it: Hopefully the last time I move this blog for a while. I've moved over to a planned-to-be long-term blog home over at PluralSight. Thanks to Don for prodding, Fritz for hosting, and retroactive thanks to all the folks at MSDN and GDN for hosting my initial blog home here.

I'll probably move my existing blog articles there. No ETA on when, though. Things are crazy, and I'm just about done the indexing on the C++ Coding Standards book. When that's done, and the C++ standards meeting a couple of weeks from now is over, and some upcoming talks including this one at OOPSLA are behind me, there'll be more time. Probably. (I always think there'll be more time someday. I guess it's good to be optimistic.)

See you on PluralSight.