Adding (and removing) fancy dividers in Word

There are a few different ways to create horizontal divider lines in Word 2007 and Word 2010. The most commonly used one is done by typing three hyphens ( --- ) and then pressing Enter:


If you want a dotted line, use three asterisks ( *** ):

Dotted line

Three equal signs ( === ) gives you a double line:

Double line

Three underscores ( ___ ) makes a divider of medium thickness:

Medium line

Three number signs ( ### ) generates a thicker line with borders:


And three tildes ( ~~~ ) creates a wavy line:

Wavy line

If you ever want to delete one of these lines, you may find it tricky to remove. That's because they're not actually lines, they are borders. To remove one, select the line and the paragraph that precedes it, click on the Border button on the Home tab in the Paragraph group and select No Border: