Create a Calendar Group in Outlook 2010

If your team always seems to be out-of-sync, create a Calendar Group to quickly pull up everyone's schedule in one view.

First, go to Calendar in Outlook 2010, click Calendar Groups, and Create New Calendar Group:

Create New Calendar Group:

Give it a name and then select all of the people you want to add from the address book. Hint: Don't select more than you can comfortably view at once. Try to cap it at 3 or 4 including yourself.

Experiment with different views to see which works best. The Schedule View is easy to scroll through, especially useful if you have a lot of teammates:

Schedule View

If all you're seeing is Free/Busy information, you and your coworkers may want to add each other to your calendar permissions to share meeting subject and location, or even full details. To do this, each person needs to go into File, Options, Calendar and click Free/Busy Options:

Free/Busy Options

Click Add to enter teammates from the address book and then adjust their permission level as appropriate.