Create Search Folders in Outlook 2010

If you find yourself scouring your Inbox and various Outlook folders for specific types of mails, there is an easier way. You can create Search Folders for all sorts of common tasks, and then they'll just be a click away!

Consider these ideas for useful Search Folders:

  • All mails flagged for follow up
  • All mails from your boss
  • All mails over 1000 KB (which are filling up your mail server)
  • All mails with attachments

To get started, just go to the Folder tab and click the New Search Folder button:

New Search Folder

This opens a dialog box with a number of popular choices ready to configure and create:

New Search Folder - Mail from specific people

To create a folder that keeps tabs on all mails from specific people, just click Choose and select the person or persons you want to track (might as well put your boss' boss in there too!).

If you want to go off the beaten path, select Create a custom Search Folder at the bottom:

New Search Folder - Large mail

Name it and then click the Criteria button:

Custom Search Folder

This will open up several tabs packed with Search Folder possibilities:

Search Folder Criteria 1

Search Folder Criteria 2

Search Folder Criteria 3

With all of these choices, you can craft very specific sets of criteria to seek out and keep track of only your most valuable mails. For instance, all mails that mention the term "budget" and contain attachments from the last 90 days.

When you're done creating Search Folders, look for them in the Search Folders section at the bottom of your Mailbox in the left pane of Outlook. Right click any Search Folders that you plan to check at least once a day and select Show in Favorites.

It's amazing how much time this feature can save you.